National Fishing License

7 03 2008


Fishing licenses are issued by state governments. Each state’s particular regions of land and sea need specialized care and attention if balanced habitats are to be maintained. It makes sense to have fish and wildlife regulations be issued at the state level.

The thing that sucks for avid, traveling fishermen is that in order to cast a line out in a new state, a new license must first be purchased. This can get expensive, especially for those who live right near the border of several states. Just to fish on the other side of many border generating rivers, a new license is usually needed.

I fully agree that fishing laws and regulations should be made on the state level, specific for that particular region, by the people that actually live there. The thing that I don’t get is why a National Fishing License hasn’t been established. After all, we are a union, not a confederation of states.

If I were the Emperor of the United States I would initiate a National Fishing License which allows Americans to fish, according to each states rules and regulations, nationwide.


Alien Roots

3 03 2008


It is estimated that there are well over 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States today. “Immigration and border control policies” are major issue to millions of Americans deciding on who to vote for on the upcoming presidential election. Each candidate has their own take on what to do with these issues.The illegal alien population in this country is predominantly made up of Mexican immigrants seeking to make money. (Money is pretty much the force behind everything) To them, America is a land of opportunity, where even the American minimum wage equates to several times the pay scales of most jobs in Mexico.

This influx of people creates several problems.

It costs billions of dollars to monitor and secure the 1951 mile border between Mexico and the U.S.

The number one solution to the United States‘ immigration problem with Mexico (that in my opinion seems obvious, yet is almost always over looked) is fixing the corruption problems in the Mexican government.

Mexico could be a potential super power. It’s huge. It’s made up of 1,908,690.00 sq. km of land. Mexico has oil, gold, fishing, farmland, timber, prime beach land for vacationing, beautiful scenery and over a hundred million people that are some of the word’s most creative and hardest workers. Why then, are over a million Mexicans a year leaving their homes, sneaking through aired deserts, and risking being arrested, just to come to America? The answer is corruption. As long as the Mexican government continues to remain corrupt, the average Mexican will remain below the poverty line, and the American government will continue to pay billions of tax dollars on boarder control, deportation, as well as healthcare, education, and numerous other social programs going out to illegal aliens.

“Big Brother is Watching You”

In order to stop the influx of illegal aliens some government officials want to build and monitor a huge fence on the border that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Another extremely expensive idea that has been proposed is having unpiloted spy planes continuously swarming around the desert. That would mean that if a person was out hiking around in the middle of the desert and decided to get romantic with their spouse, some immigration officer could be watching the whole thing.

If I were the Emperor of the United States, I would put some serious pressure on the Mexican government to clean up it’s act.  A country as rich in resources as Mexico with approximately 40% of it’s population living below the poverty line, is unacceptable. It puts strain on it’s neighboring countries, which happens to include us.



“You have the right to be a dumb-ass.”

1 03 2008

Currently, 49 states require that seatbelts be worn by adults in vehicles. (New Hampshire is the only exception.) 24 states have “primary” seatbelt enforcement laws, which allow cops to pull over citizens for driving without seatbelts.

Wearing your seatbelt while driving is smart. They’re designed for your safety. Statistics showthat drivers wearing their seatbelts while in traffic accidents are usually better off than those that don’t. Seatbelts save lives.

History shows that governments that attempt to protect their citizens from themselves are corrupt, and have hidden agendas. For example: the German Nazi government bragged to the rest of the world that they were the first “civilized” nation to completely disarm the public of their harmful guns, right before they began slaughtering their citizens by the millions.

I am a firm believer that people should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do as long as they’re not directly infringing on the rights of others. That is what we call “FREEDOM.” Not wearing a seatbelt won’t kill somebody else, it will only kill the dumb-ass that’s not wearing it, and being a dumb-ass should be everyone’s God-given right.

The reason why twinkie_the_kid1.jpglawmakers make seatbelt laws isn’t because they love you. For one, it brings in massive revenue. All those millions of minor infractions written up by cops equate to millions of dollars. The reason why many states have passed laws that allow cops to pull over people that “appear” not to have their seatbelts on is that they want to make it easier for cops to pull people over. It’s unconstitutional for the police to detain people without just cause, so lawmakers have intern made bad habits illegal. It’s a slippery slope, and our rights are being written away. Using the logic that they’re trying to push, Twinkies should be illegal since diabetes kills so many people each year. Of coarse, with all the fat-cats running this country, that will never happen.


If I were the Emperor of the United States I would leave it up to people in cars to decide whether or not they want to be dumb-asses or not.  In fact, I would go a step further and make a new constitutional amendment stating that all citizens do indeed have the right to do whatever the hell they want to do as long as they’re not directly infringing on the rights of others.

Taxation without representation Is tyranny unless you took a baseball bat to a mailbox.

25 02 2008

artb.jpgartb.jpgartb.jpgThe 14th Amendment allows states to deny citizens the right to vote if they have been convicted of “participation in rebellion, or other crime”. Most states interpret “other crime” as having committed a felony. Currently, 48 states (with the exception being Vermont and Maine) exclude inmates from voting.  36 states exclude parolees, 31 exclude probationers, and 12 states permanently exclude those who have been convicted of felonies from the voting.

This policy can be used by corrupt politicians to ostracize different groups from the polls. For example: there is a higher ratio of black men in this country that have felony offences on their records than white men. If politicians wanted to exclude more Eskimos from voting they could make it no longer legal for them to hunt whales. Since Eskimos have to eat, and they get a large amount of their food from whales, they would most likely become a bunch of felons that wouldn’t even be able to elect representation to defend their side of the issue.

Taxation without representation is tyranny” was a slogan that was used by the founders of this country when revolting against the unjust ruling England had over the colonies. Today there is approximately 5.3 million citizens in this country that are required by law to pay taxes, and because of their pasts they have no say in who the law makers of this country are.

If I were the Emperor of the United States, in the heart of establishing a true democracy, I would draft a new constitutional amendment that ensures that no citizen can be disenfranchised, that the right to vote is a life-long right.

Barbara Ciara reporting – Felony Voting Rights in VA -Part 1  

Barbara Ciara reporting – Felony Voting Rights in VA -Part 2

All men were created equal (but should stay within their own social classes)

23 02 2008

I find it disheartening that during the current “three-ring-circus” of presidential campaigns, that the topic of education reform is rarely discussed. Every candidate, of course, is focusing their debates about what to they would like to do about the war, the economy, the environment, and a number of other frightening ghouls that haunt the American dream at night. Although drastic times do call for drastic measures, and the immediate situation does need immediate assistance, I think that it’s also important to plan for the future. The ultimate weapon against conflicts, famine, and even the destruction of our environment is education.

The FASFA (short for the Free Application For Federal Student Aid) is required do be filled out and submitted by all students who seek federal student aid for college. It is also used by most states to determine what kind of state level student aid a student is eligible for. The FASFA questions how much money a student has made in the last year. If the student is under 25 years old, it also asks about the student’s parents’ incomes from the previous year. This information is used to determine how much the family in question is expected to financially contribute towards the student’s college education. If the student’s parents have made too much money in the previous year, the student is not eligible for federal grants.

One problem with this system is that most people in America are not their parents’ financial dependents on through to the age of 25. It’s common for children to leave their parents nests at 18, soon after high school. Many young Americans receive absolutely no financial help from their parents at that point, and are being penalized, through this system, by their parents’ incomes. The FASFA asks for numerous bits of IRS tax information, but completely ignores whether or not the student is a legal dependent. If a student is not a legal dependent, what difference should it make as to whether their parent is Oliver Twist* or Donald Trump?

*It was really hard to think of a famous poor person by the way, so I ended up using Oliver Twist, who started off poor, but ended up rich and is a fictional character.

Another problem with this system is that the middle class (who collectively are the primary tax contributors, and thus are the ones who actually pay for these programs) gets screwed. Through this system, a poor family’s kids get most of their education paid for, a rich family has no problem affording college for their kids, and the middle class kids get to go to work, to pay taxes for the poor kids to get free education.

The reason for this discriminatory system is, as always, money.  This system forces the majority of the population (all those middle class kids) into the workplace, where they can contribute taxes back to the government. It also attempts to break the chains of lower class families’ habits of living off government assistance generation after generation, so that they too can eventually pay taxes.

If I were the Emperor of the United States I would nurture the American dream by making available the educational tools required for its citizens to achieve their highest potentials. Right now our government has several traps in place to keep the common man down and the rich man rich. The FASFA is just one of them. It dictates that a citizen’s family background is still a very important factor in who “deserves” to go to college. If this country made higher education free to all citizens that have the aptitude and drive to pursue it, then yes, the social classes would change, but in a more natural way. This country would contain more citizens doing the things that they want to do and are good at. Of coarse we will always need the laborers, janitors, and factory workers to maintain our country, but who is working those positions should not be influenced by government policy. A higher education is becoming more and more necessary for the common man to thrive in today’s world of information highways. It’s also crucial for our citizens to be well educated if our country is to compete well with the rest of the world. I, for one, would be willing to cut funding on bombs to pay for books. If our country was to truly provide the opportunity for Americans to pursue their dreams through higher education, then the American dream would no longer be a dream, it would be a reality.

George Carlin on “the American Dream”


Speak Klingon to get chicks!

17 02 2008

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“My Language is Bigger than Yours.”

The most influential language used on Earth today is English. Although English (according to several polls and studies)is second to Mandarin Chinese in the amount of its native speakers worldwide, English is taught as a secondary language in schools across the globe. One reason for this is that English is the primary language of many of the planet’s most economically powerful countries (U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

“Well I can speak Pig-Latin.”

With so many people around the world learning English, it makes it relatively easy for Americans to find others to communicate with outside of their country. Although those who have grown up speaking English as a first language have the enormous advantage of strong fluency, more often than not, the popularity of English dissuades Americans from learning another language. The common attitude in America is that knowing a foreign language would be fun, but it’s not a necessary tool needed to get by in today’s world. This attitude puts our country at a huge disadvantage to the rapidly increasing bilingual populations of other counties.

“We aint got no education.”

The common norm in U.S. school systems is that a student can choose to take a foreign language (Most commonly Spanish or French) in high school as an elective. Sometimes this is available in middle school, and rarely in elementary. Very few public schools across the nation require that their students learn a foreign language. This policy dramatically contrasts that of many other countries’ school systems that require their students to begin learning a second language at early ages in primary school.

“Ok, Class. Settle down now, and turn your Klingon books to page 51.”

If I were Emperor of the United States I would require that schools begin teaching foreign languages in the first grade. At that young age, children are still developing their basic language skills. They are far more receptive to learning new words and phrases than their adolescent counterparts who’s raging hormones occupy all thinking with other things. I envision our country as a place inhabited by citizens that can freely talk in rapid indecipherable verses to each other whenever they want to say something bad about the person that’s standing next to them. I envision a day when the average American man has the tools necessary to suavely hit on non-English speaking foreign women with high rates of success. If our county’s school system doesn’t keep up with the ones overseas, we might one day wake up to find that our children can’t get as hot of women as some bilingual Frenchmen. That’s a world that I, for one, don’t want to live in.

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An Innovation for Inventors

11 02 2008

When asked: “Who in history has made the most significant social changes to our world?” many people might first think of a religious figure, or a country’s leader.  However, the most profound changes to our way of life have always been accomplished by inventors. Things like printing presses, light bulbs, computers, and toilet paper have shaped how we live our day to day lives. Inventions and innovations are the true driving force of our economy.

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Personally, I’ve looked into patenting my invention ideas several times. I always come to the same road block: It costs too much, it takes too much time, and the whole process is confusing. 

United States Patent and Trademark Office

There are many companies out there that “help” inventors with the ordeal of running patent searches and filling out all the appropriate paper work. Their services can end up costing an inventor thousands upon thousands of dollars. If the prospective inventor finds out that someone else has already “beat them to the punch,” then they’re out of a lot of money all for nothing.

If I were the Emperor of the United States, I would set up a free program for private individuals seeking to get their ideas patented. Government patent assistants would be available to assist individuals in putting their ideas down on paper in coherent ways, running patent searches, and filling out all the appropriate paper work. Patent applications would be free. Even if there was a program that deferred the cost of these services until after a new invention began making money, it would still be better for our country than our current system. It would insight people to do something more with their ideas than leaving them locked up in their notebooks or brains. It would put power in the hands of the individual who is currently at a huge disadvantage to large corporations who can afford to get their inventions patented. It just might make the difference between whether or not our country has the leading edge on technology in the coming future.

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