1 is the loneliest # of licenses you’ll ever do

24 03 2008



National Fishing License

7 03 2008


Fishing licenses are issued by state governments. Each state’s particular regions of land and sea need specialized care and attention if balanced habitats are to be maintained. It makes sense to have fish and wildlife regulations be issued at the state level.

The thing that sucks for avid, traveling fishermen is that in order to cast a line out in a new state, a new license must first be purchased. This can get expensive, especially for those who live right near the border of several states. Just to fish on the other side of many border generating rivers, a new license is usually needed.

I fully agree that fishing laws and regulations should be made on the state level, specific for that particular region, by the people that actually live there. The thing that I don’t get is why a National Fishing License hasn’t been established. After all, we are a union, not a confederation of states.

If I were the Emperor of the United States I would initiate a National Fishing License which allows Americans to fish, according to each states rules and regulations, nationwide.