The Dangers of NOT Legalizing Prostitution

8 04 2008

The recent scandal concerning the ex-governor of New York has prompted much investigation and debate into the subject of prostitution. Currently, prostitution is illegal in 48 states, the exceptions being Nevada and Rhode Island.

Whether prostitution is legal or not, it’s everywhere, and as long as it remains illegal, it also remains unregulated. That makes it far more dangerous for all parties involved.

When crimes are committed against prostitutes or those who are involved with prostitutes, the victims are often reluctant to report those crimes to the authorities. This is due to the fact that a police investigation might uncover that prostitution was taking place, which might lead to citations and/or embarrassment for those involved. As a result, many prostitutes have bodyguards or pimps that may “take the law into their own hands”, and thus break more laws that all parties are hesitant to report.

In some areas where prostitution is legal, the prostitutes must undergo regular health screenings to help ensure that they aren’t passing along sexual transmitted diseases to their clients. They are also required to always use condoms while engaging in any type of sexual activities.

Enforcing anti-prostitution laws is expensive. Taxpayers’ money goes towards police investigations, court proceedings, and the incarcerations of offenders. If prostitution was legal, the justice system as a whole would have more time, money, and resources available for more pressing issues.

As long as prostitution is illegal, all profits remain “under-the –table.” If it was a legal, regulated industry, it could generate huge tax revenues.

If I were the Emperor of the United States, I would legalize prostitution. Although I personally would never sleep with a prostitute, I think that if two consenting adults want to trade money for sex, they should be able to. After all, that’s the basis for a lot of perfectly legal marriages. Making “the world’s oldest profession” illegal doesn’t stop it from happening. It just makes it unregulated. I do think, however, that if prostitution was legal, that it should be heavily regulated. All soliciting, transactions and sexual acts should be limited to places of business. (It’s not safe or publicly appropriate for prostitutes to solicit themselves on street corners.) All acting prostitutes should be required to show current health certificates to both the authorities and their customers, in order to limit the transfer of disease.


George Carlin – Why is Prostitution Illegal!?


What would you do if you were the Emperor of the United States?

31 03 2008

peace-fingersth1.gifIf anyone has any good political or social change ideas that they would initiate if they were the Emperor of the United States, e-mail me at Let me know if you would like me to post your e-mail on this page.  Any and all ideas are welcome.  (even bad ones) 

National Fishing License

7 03 2008


Fishing licenses are issued by state governments. Each state’s particular regions of land and sea need specialized care and attention if balanced habitats are to be maintained. It makes sense to have fish and wildlife regulations be issued at the state level.

The thing that sucks for avid, traveling fishermen is that in order to cast a line out in a new state, a new license must first be purchased. This can get expensive, especially for those who live right near the border of several states. Just to fish on the other side of many border generating rivers, a new license is usually needed.

I fully agree that fishing laws and regulations should be made on the state level, specific for that particular region, by the people that actually live there. The thing that I don’t get is why a National Fishing License hasn’t been established. After all, we are a union, not a confederation of states.

If I were the Emperor of the United States I would initiate a National Fishing License which allows Americans to fish, according to each states rules and regulations, nationwide.

Alien Roots

3 03 2008


It is estimated that there are well over 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States today. “Immigration and border control policies” are major issue to millions of Americans deciding on who to vote for on the upcoming presidential election. Each candidate has their own take on what to do with these issues.The illegal alien population in this country is predominantly made up of Mexican immigrants seeking to make money. (Money is pretty much the force behind everything) To them, America is a land of opportunity, where even the American minimum wage equates to several times the pay scales of most jobs in Mexico.

This influx of people creates several problems.

It costs billions of dollars to monitor and secure the 1951 mile border between Mexico and the U.S.

The number one solution to the United States‘ immigration problem with Mexico (that in my opinion seems obvious, yet is almost always over looked) is fixing the corruption problems in the Mexican government.

Mexico could be a potential super power. It’s huge. It’s made up of 1,908,690.00 sq. km of land. Mexico has oil, gold, fishing, farmland, timber, prime beach land for vacationing, beautiful scenery and over a hundred million people that are some of the word’s most creative and hardest workers. Why then, are over a million Mexicans a year leaving their homes, sneaking through aired deserts, and risking being arrested, just to come to America? The answer is corruption. As long as the Mexican government continues to remain corrupt, the average Mexican will remain below the poverty line, and the American government will continue to pay billions of tax dollars on boarder control, deportation, as well as healthcare, education, and numerous other social programs going out to illegal aliens.

“Big Brother is Watching You”

In order to stop the influx of illegal aliens some government officials want to build and monitor a huge fence on the border that would cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Another extremely expensive idea that has been proposed is having unpiloted spy planes continuously swarming around the desert. That would mean that if a person was out hiking around in the middle of the desert and decided to get romantic with their spouse, some immigration officer could be watching the whole thing.

If I were the Emperor of the United States, I would put some serious pressure on the Mexican government to clean up it’s act.  A country as rich in resources as Mexico with approximately 40% of it’s population living below the poverty line, is unacceptable. It puts strain on it’s neighboring countries, which happens to include us.